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Each year thousands of celebrities, fashion icons, designers, and industry moguls, as well as enthusiastic public clamor to New York Fashion Week in New York, New York. SMGlobal Catwalk and Owner/Designer Samina Mughal and Say YES to Hope Co-Founder and Survivor Suzanne Lindley have forged an empowering collaboration by combining the glitz and glamour of fashion with the fears and cruelty of stage 4 cancer.  Suzanne started the showcase called Surviving in Fashion" to give stage 4 patients a chance to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience while showing the world it is possible to live with cancer on the runway during New York Fashion Week. This is where she had the fortune of meeting Samina, who graciously extended an invitation to be a part of  her international fashion shows and welcomed YES.


Six seasons later the friendship and connection is stronger than ever.  After recent successful shows in New York,London, and Paris the Surviving in Fashion showcase will feature local survivors during SMGlobal Catwalk New York Revolution.  These survivors will, for a night, escape the ravages of cancer and provide the public with a glimpse into the courage and beauty life holds in spite of cancer.  YES will be bringing the little discussed topic of advanced cancer to this prolific event that will capture moments, trends, and fashion. Because of Samina's gracious heart, 60 survivors have shared their stories of tragedy and triumph with cancer.


SMGlobal will hold the night of fabulous and exciting fashion on Saturday,  February from 6pm to 10pm at The Watson Hotel, 440 W 57t Street Midtown, New York, NY  Guests will enjoy a sneak peek at the latest fashions created by emerging designers and modeled by inspiring cancer survivors!




Toll Free Survivor Line



Survivor Hotline: 1-877-937-7478 (US only);

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