YES! Ensures that NO ONE faces a diagnosis of liver tumors alone by offering a variety of support programs. When YES! began, those involved had been touched personally and profoundly by the lack of information available to those living with liver tumors. While many great programs existed for primary cancers and general information there was no program addressing our specific needs. End of life discussions were prevalent and, while helpful, we were looking for HOPEFUL. You will find that message of HOPE entwined throughout all of the services that we offer. For support, the following programs are available:
Programs of Support

FRIENDS for the Journey
YES's "FRIENDS for the Journey" program is a valuable community of information, education, new developments, and support. The first few days, weeks, and even months after a diagnosis of liver tumors can be confusing and frightening. For those who have just learned that they are living with liver tumors - their families, friends, and loved ones - this priceless service provides a direct link to others who are experiencing or have experienced life with liver tumors.

A quarterly newsletter is distributed to interested subscribers. Each newsletter contains information about treatment news, educational opportunities, upcoming events, powerful stories, and much more!

Online Support
Everyone needs support. Sometimes that support is hard to find and at other times it is available to us but there is no energy or desire to leave home. Even picking up the telephone is exhausting. Or perhaps you are in the hospital, at a clinic visit, or away from everyone and need to ask a question. YES provides a web based list-serv for liver tumor related support, questions, and concerns. Support takes place on line at the comfort of your keyboard.

Stories of Hope
There is nothing more inspiring than seeing and hearing from those who have experienced what we are now facing. With a diagnosis of liver tumors, the stories of others can be life changing and affirming. It is our great honor to share these stories and to show that it is possible to live fully in spite of a diagnosis of cancer of the liver.

Our tele-support group offers emotional support and understanding through talking with others who are experiencing a similar challenge. Unlike traditional support groups, our telegroup meets over the phone. A trained FRIEND will facilitate each group. There is no professional monitoring, however, peer guidance and knowledge is a critical part of any cancer journey.

The Hope Quote Lady
Tami Thennis is better known as �The Hope Quote Lady�! She is an eleven year survivor of cervical cancer; a wife, a mom, an executive secretary and now passionate cancer advocate. She has provided YES newsletters with hope quotes since the very first issue and also sends a weekly quote to the YES list-serv. When others are scared, worrying, or celebrating she reaches out with a good dose of hope!

Toll Free Survivor Line 1-877-937-7478
YES offers support through our confidential, toll free Survivor Line. The Survivor Line is a place where those looking for information about treatment options can come for support and answers about the many services that we provide. This program aims to connect survivors and their caregivers to others that have already traveled the path that they are about to take.

YOGA for Cancer Survivors
Jean DiCarlo Wagner, MA is a ten year colorectal cancer survivor. After cancer, she became a yoga teacher to help other survivors find a gentle way to reconnect with their body, mind, and spirit. Jean also works with Silver Age Yoga. Her training includes Meditation-in-Movement style yoga by Lanita Varshell, Silver Age Yoga Certification, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher working on a 1,000 hours of yoga teaching, Arthritis Foundation Training and Pre-Natal and Restorative classes. Jean works with the Yoga Education Society and brings a focus on yoga practice for friends, family members, caregivers, and cancer patients.