Everyone needs support. Sometimes that support is hard to find and at other times it is available to us but there is no energy or desire to leave home.  Even picking up the telephone is exhausting. Or perhaps you are in the hospital, at a clinic visit, or away from everyone and need to ask a question.  YES provides a web based list-serv for liver tumor related support, questions, and concerns. Support takes place on line at the comfort of your keyboard.

Use the form below to subscribe to the YES list.  This online discussion forum is a valuable way to meet others and discuss experiences. 

Others who have used the list say the following:

"Being on the list is wonderful.  YES takes a lonely and difficult situation and makes it into a shared experience that empowers and gives hope to me."  Bryan MacLeod

"There is no other resource quite like it.  By joining, we found friends, the voice of experience, and information that we wouldn't have had otherwise."  Mark and Rachel Spague 

"Because of my friends on the YES list, I know that I'm not alone."  Tina Schaeffer

"It's like a bright light at the end of a very dark tunnel."  Tom Mast

"I feel connected whether it is the middle of the day or the middle of the night."  Ann Marie Hale

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