Our mission strives to deLIVER HOPE to all those that are affected by liver tumors. Our seminars, conferences, events and awareness efforts often use the catch phrase "deLIVER HOPE" to emphasize our actions.

Hope in the Sand

With one person, one picture, one word......hope has been inspired around the globe. We have received over 2500 pictures of "Hope in the Sand." Each conveys a message. Some are filled with fear and the need to find hope while others share celebration, milestones, and miracles. Share your own version and reason for "Hope in the Sand."


"Say YES to HOPE" is the signature slogan of YES! It will be an ongoing campaign that brings awareness of the information, resources, and support that we provide through our numerous programs. As our reach expands, this powerful phrase will help to ensure that the negative stigma often associated with liver tumors will diminish.

The Improbable is Possible

Just like the bumblebee, we are proving that the improbable is possible. Wearing a "bee band" or "YES" pin shows your support in funding the education and research needed to increase the awareness of resources and treatment options available for those affected by liver tumors.
YES Awareness Campaigns